About Z Skin

Z Skin Repair is a series of nurturing skincare products, with documented effect. These products are developed to relieve problems with dry and irritated skin.

The products have been developed in cooperation with physicians and dermatologists in Scandinavia, where the products are also manufactured.

A common feature for all products in the Z-Skin Repair series is that they contain the patented enzyme technology Zonase. Zonase is a natural marine enzyme discovered in Norway and scientifically documented at the University of Bergen, Norway.

Read more about the exciting story behind Zonase later in this information folder. Some of the products in the Z-Skin Rapir range also contain a patented collagencomplex called Smids. Smids is developed by researchers at NYNU in Tronheim, Norway. Smids has the unique function that it ”melts” when it comes in contact with human skin and thereby acts a a carrier of nutritients and moisture deeper into the skin than a normal creambase would do.

Regardsless if you choose Z Skin Repair Intensive Cream, which is a registered Medical Device, or any of our other alternatives, all our products are thoroughly tested and documented. None of the products has been tested on animals.

Z Skin Repair is gentle on the skin and does not contain corticosteroids, parabens, perfume or color additives.